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Ms Dylan Weir

The Song in the Rushes

1 March
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Dylan is my nom de plume. Over the years I've used a couple of other livejournal profiles (signs of a digital age - your teenage memories are publicly preserved for your future mortification). I now dedicate my lj to my creative writing pursuits. And more importantly, the search for cool internet shit to distract myself from otherwise getting on with that writing and my life.
Peace, mah brathaaaaz
"eggheads" the quiz, "i'm chuck bass.", 30 rock, abbey road, aimee bender, aladdin, alfred hitchcock, amadeus, anne of green gables, arrested development, art journalling, bagels, barack obama, bear-maulings (nah), bettie page, billie piper, billy/wheelchair, bookmaking, books, bookshops, born to run, breakin', burger fuel, cafes, califia, california, carmen sandiego, chaise lounges, chamillionaire, charlotte bronte, chips, christian bale humour, chuck taylors, clueless, coffee, comfy bed, comic books, crafts, crossover humour, crosswords, customising, dancing, daniel clowes, daniel handler, daniel radcliffe, dave chappelle, david lynch, dazzling everyone, deeply chagrining dazzle, do i dazzle you, early 90s hip-hop, edward hopper, epic, epic fail, epic lulz, etsy, father ted, fotc, fruit loaf, funk, galleries, george michael (the singer-songwriter), ghost world, gossip girl, growing up cullen, heathers, hip-hop, hitchcock, imdb, in bruges, irish wolf hounds, j.k. baxter, james mcavoy, jane austen, jane eyre, jeffrey dean morgan, joaquin phoenix, john steinbeck, johnny cash, jon stewart, kanye west's tantrums, kiss kiss bang bang, libraries, life on mars, lolcats, lulz, making stuff, maltesers, movies, mullholland drive, museums, musicals, noms, not even fucking raining, palmistry, paper ephemera, patti smith, peaches, personalised astrology, phil collins, phoenix cola, quoting ad, r. pattz, radiohead, reading, robert downey jr, robert downey jr., sabian symbols, san francisco, satire, scarves, secret life of dolls, sewing, singing phil collins, sophie scholl, spray paint, supernatural, sussudio, syrup, tarot, the basic eight, the daily show, the glass menagerie, the humble potato, the imdb boards, the meadow, the oc, the soup on e!, the time haters, time travelers, tv on dvd, twilight, twop, vertigo, wait for it, walk the line, weeds, yellow submarine, zombies